MWGA Winter Board Meeting
Saturday, February 15, 2014
Canton Country Club
Canton, Ms.


President, Sheila Haynes, called the meeting to order and opened with a word of prayer.
The following Board Members and Area Reps were present:
Tracie Tolbert - President-Elect
Marilynne Burnside - Parliamentarian
Lynn Harmount - Treasurer
Dinah Kennedy - Secretary
Pam Posey - East Central Rep
Debbie Vogel - East Central Rep
Jeannie Parker - West Central Rep
Carol Roberson - West Central Rep
Julie Landry - Gulf Coast Rep
Rachel Pate - Northeast Rep
Cissye Gallagher - Northwest Rep
Shannon Adams - Northwest Rep

A list of the Board and Area Rep's contact information was given to everyone in attendance.  Sheila stated that this information is on the MWGA website. Sheila will also scan the By-Laws and make sure they are put on the website as well. 

A motion was made by Marilynne Burnside to dispense with the reading of the 2013 Summer Board minutes as well as the 2013 General meeting minutes.  It was seconded by Rachel Pate and all were in favor.

A copy of the Treasurer's Report was given to all in attendance.  Past Treasurer, Rachel Pate, explained the expenditures and income of the report.  There was a discussion about the costs of the Welcome Party for each tournament.  It was suggested that we make sure to use most or all of the money made from our tournaments to pay for the Welcome Parties, have nicer prizes and tee gifts.  After discussion, a motion was made by Lynn Harmount to use our tournament account monies for anything we need from stipends, tee gifts, prizes and the Welcome Parties, for all of the state tournaments.  It was seconded by Jeannie Parker and all were in favor. 

It was brought to everyone's attention that we will need to purchase a computer this year.  Marilynne made a motion to take the money for the computer from our General Fund.  It was seconded by Carol Roberson and all were in favor. 

Rachel pointed out that our operating funds come from the club's dues.  This helps pay for postage, copies, stipends, etc. 

Lynn Harmount gave everyone a list of all the clubs who have paid so far this year.  There is a new deadline for turning dues in, which is April 1st

Rachel announced that Phillip Bridges, with the USGA, donated $840.00 to our organization to be used where we see fit.  Sheila suggested that it go to our Junior golf program and Junior Tri-State tournament.  Cissye Gallagher made a motion to use the $840.00 for the Junior Fund in addition to the $1,000.00 already set aside for this fund.  It was seconded by Pam Posey and all were in favor. 

There was a discussion about how to use this money and was suggested that we purchase golf bags for our junior team with our state name on them, to be turned in at the end of the year.  Cissye stated that other states have bags for their girls and it would be nice to do this for ours.  Also, it was suggested to buy duffle bags with the girl's name on it for them to keep.  Jeannie Parker made a motion to purchase golf bags with Mississippi Junior Golf on them and Marilynne Burnside seconded it.  All were in favor.   

Note:  Marilynne will check on prices for the golf bags as well as the duffle bags.

Rachel suggested that we put out a container for "Dollars for Scholars" at all our tournaments.  This helps with our scholarship donation.  She said that in order to keep our tax deduction status, we need to get donations of at least $500.00 per year. 

Marilynne also suggested getting an accountant to make sure we have done everything correctly.  This will protect the treasurer and the accounts.  Sheila will take care of getting a local accountant.  There was also a suggestion to combine some of the accounts to make it easier to keep up with.  This will be looked at more in the future. 

A motion was made by Tracie Tolbert to accept the Treasurer's Report.  It was seconded by Julie Landry and all were in favor.

Area Reps

East Central:  Pam Posey & Debbie Vogel
Pam had nothing to report except letting everyone know about the Forest Country Club Scramble.
Debbie gave us a list of the upcoming tournaments in her area. 

West Central:  Jeannie Parker & Carol Roberson
Jeannie gave everyone a list of all the Jackson area dates for scrambles and interclubs.  She told everyone that Meadow Oaks is a new club that has joined the MWGA this year.  They are located off Hwy. 49 North near Live Oaks.   
Carol Roberson gave everyone a list of events in her area.

Gulf Coast:  Julie Landry
Julie gave everyone a list of the tournaments in her area.

Northeast:  Rachel Pate
Rachel stated that their area will have a meeting at the end of February with the pros to discuss their tournament dates.  She also told everyone that the old Columbus Golf Club is now Lion Hill Golf Club.  Old Waverly will have their 2 lady scramble on August 16th and 17th.  Also, the Legends of Ladies Tour will be at Old Waverly September 27th & 28th

Northwest:  Cissye Gallagher & Shannon Adams
Cissye has talked to Greenville Country Club about joining the MWGA. 
Shannon gave everyone a list of upcoming tournaments in her area.

Old Business:

It was pointed out that there was a poor turnout at the 4 Ball in Cleveland this past year.  Those who attended said that Cleveland Country Club did a fantastic job.  This brought up the point that it seems harder to get ladies to all of the tournaments we have.   
Someone stated that a lot of the ladies work and some are on a budget that keeps them from participating in all of the state tournaments.

The State-Am did well at Old Waverly as well as the Senior State-Am which was held on the coast at Diamondhead. 

New Business:

Tracie Tolbert asked the question, since Colonial/Deerfield may not be a club any longer and they have paid their dues for 2014, would it be possible for those ladies who were members of those clubs, to participate in the State Am this year?  There was a discussion and it was unanimously agreed upon to allow them to participate in the State Am, but they would not be able to participate in the Team Trophy.

There was some discussion about the extra trophy that we have on hand.  May we use it for the Medalist Trophy for the Optional Division at the Senior State-Am.  Lynn Harmount made a motion to accept the change, it was seconded by Jeannie Parker and all were in favor.

After much discussion on how the flights were handled at last year's State-Am, there was a motion made by Lynn Harmount for us to allow a player, at the time of turning in her scorecard after the qualifying round, to declare whether she will use her qualifying score or her handicap to be flighted.  A player
may not move to a higher handicap flight, but for example, a player with a 17 handicap that shoots an 83 would have the option of being placed in the flight with like scores or stay in the flight with like handicaps.  This was seconded by Marilynne Burnside and all were in favor. 

After some discussion, Pam Posey made a motion to replace the old MWGA flags with new ones.  It was seconded by Jeannie Parker and all were in favor.

Committee Reports:

· Club Schedules:  Sheila Haynes
Sheila will continue to get the club schedules and post them on the MWGA  website.
· State 4-Ball & Senior Local Chair:  Tracie Tolbert
Tracie will get with respective committees for each of these events.
· Junior Chair:  Marilynne Burnside
Marilynne read a thank you note from Margo Coleman and Emily with the MGA,  thanking us for providing the water for the Mississippi Junior Golf Tournament  this past year.  A motion was made by Marilynne to continue donating $200.00,
from the General Fund, to the Mississippi Junior State Tournament, to be used for  bottled water, etc.  It was seconded by Jeannie Parker and all were in favor.
· Senior Chair:  Sissy Kern
Sissy was unable to attend the meeting, but it was stated that the Senior State-Am  will be held at Lake Caroline this year on September 15th & 16th

Jeannie Parker made a motion to adjourn, which was seconded by Lynn Harmount and all were in favor.