January Minutes

Mississippi Gulf Coast Women's Golf Association (GCWGA)
Minutes -JANUARY 24, 2014

Kathy Bannister jjb0188@att.net  228-392-6443 President
Deb-b Kopp  deb-gar@msn.com  601-528-9498 Vice President
Cathy Weber  ccweber1016@aol.com 228-357-0856 Treasurer
Darlene Santelli dummy4@cableone.net  228-831-9388 Secretary

Minutes to be posted on GCWGA web site..

President Kathy Bannister called the meeting to order at 1:55 P.M.  She then thanked everyone for coming.

Reading of the Minutes:
A motion by Rose Carter, second by Julie Lenardson to dispense with reading of the December 2013, minutes.  Motion carried.

Projected Budget for 2014 submitted by Treasurer Cathy Weber as follow:

Membership Dues - 100 Members @ $15.00   $1,500.00
Club Dues - 12 Clubs @ $15.00    $   180.00
GCWGA Checking Account     
$   427.45
  Total Funds Available    $2,007.45


Championship Tournament Prizes (3day)   $1.000.00
Points Awards       $   600.00
Christmas Party      $   100.00
Closest to Pin Prizes      $   200.00
$     75.00
  Total Expenses    $1,975.00

  Surplus Total     $     32.45

Cathy suggested that by buying sleeves of golf balls from Diamondhead club house at the beginning of the year at a reduce prices we could save money on closest to the pin prizes.  We would also have to reduce our spending for the Championship Tournament and Christmas Party as we do not have as much money as last year.  After some discussion Rose Carter made a motion and seconded by Deneice King to buy the golf balls from Diamondhead.  Motion Carried.
A motion was made to accept the Projected Budget by Dot Regel and seconded by Sue Wilder.  Motion carried.

Old Business:


New Business:

The new rates for this year will be posted in our books next to each club.

Players coming late for play days: 
A motion was made by Rose Carter and seconded by May Larson that Players who do not sign-in by 8:45 A.M. will be disqualified from that day's game and points, but may still play with her group. Motion carried.

Play dates for 2014:

March:   Millbrook  26th  Wednesday
April:   Gulf Hills  15th  Tuesday
May:   Pin Burr    6th  Tuesday
May:   Hickory Hill  21h  Wednesday
June:   Dogwood Hills 24th  Tuesday
July:   Diamondhead  10th  Tuesday
Aug.   The Oaks    5th   Tuesday
Sept:   PCI     2nd  Tuesday
Oct:   Great Southern  21st  Tuesday
Bay Breeze    3rd  Monday
Gulf Hills    5th                 Wednesday
Great Southern   6th  Thursday  (General Meeting and Luncheon)

Dec.:    Sunkist     2nd  Tuesday   (General Meeting  and  Luncheon)


May 15th  Thursday - Bay Breeze
Sept. 30th & Oct. 1st - Tuesday & Wednesday - Sunkist
Oct. 29th - Wednesday - Millbrook

State Amateur - June 2nd to the 5th  Beau Pre' - Natchez
State 4-Ball - July 21st and 22nd    Greenwood C.C. - Greenwood
Senior State Amateur - Sept. 15th and 16th  Lake Caroline - Madison

Other Business:

Julie will again post minutes and the year book on the internet for us.

There being no other business a motion was made  by Julie Hudson and seconded by Deb-b Kopp to adjourn.  Motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 P.M..

Respectfully submitted,

Darlene Santelli, Secretary



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